Tuesday, April 24, 2012


If you guys are all like me you guys know that the best cheat day food for any diet is the carby sugary goodness of DONUTS! So, recently I paid a visit the well know DONUT MAN in Glendora, CA. This mom and pop donut shop is opened 24 hours and pops out pipin' hot fresh donuts everyday and hour of the week. What sets this donut joint apart from your neighborhood Krispy Kreme is the selection of donuts that they have to offer. The Donut Man is famous for their seasonal fruit donuts, depending on what season they will have Strawberry donut or Peach donut. But don't be fooled this is not your average artificially flavored strawberry or peach donut, the donut has fresh fruits. Basically, the break down of this donut is that it is a glazed donut cut horizontal and stuffed with fresh strawberries (since I tried the strawberry one). The donut was a delight, once you bite into the donut a mesh of fresh fruit flavors and a doughy glazed donut all meshed into one and complement each other so well. The only compliant I had was that the donut was not warm, thus indicating to me that it did not just come fresh out of the oven :( boooooo! But, despite that it was a good $3.00 well spent, a little pricey for just a single donut but the donut is HUGE I ate about a quarter of it and saved the rest for the morning.

In addition to the fresh fruit donuts that Donut Man has to offer, the true gem that Donut Man has to offer is there FRESH HOT OUT OF THE OVEN TIGER TAILS!! Oh MY GOODNESS are these good, in my opinion ( and some of my friends) these are better than the fresh fruit donuts. The tiger tail is basically a long twisted glazed with strips of chocolate. It is DE-LI-CIOUS, BEWARE it is a bit addicting once you start eating it you can't stop. It has the perfect texture for a donut, crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside and WARM all around (indicating to me that it is FRESH AND HOT OUT OF THE OVEN). It cost $1.50 but it is very long and filling (that is probably why I could not finish even half of the strawberry donut..haha). THIS IS A MUST TRY, it is often the donut that gets swept under the rug because it does not sound as appealing as the fresh fruit donuts, but it is in my opinion it is the best thing that the Donut Man has to offer!

Okay Okay, enough making all of guys salivate! All in all just remember go go to the Donut Man, get the fresh fruit donuts and tiger tail!! Until next time, and don't forget foood is always goood!! =)

Much Love,

The Famous Strawberry Donut

The Delicious TIGER TAIL
The trip to the DONUT MAN:)

Address: The Donut Man
915 E Rt 66,
Glendora, Ca 91740
Phone Number: (626) 335-9111
Hours: Mon-Sun 6am-6am

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bruxie Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches: Reinventing the waffle

To keep you all in context, I just had Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles the day before I first tried Bruxie's. That weekend I just had a sudden waffle craving so I decided to try Bruxie's since the one in Downtown Brea had just opened not too long ago. After I had Bruxie's for about 2-3 weekends straight, I even bought a box of Eggo's to ease my waffle cravings during the weekdays.

I'm a big fan of anything salmon, so when I heard about Bruxie's Prosciutto and Gruyere Smoked Salmon & Dill Cream Cheese, I just had to try it of course! Boy was it delicious, the portion of smoked salmon was just right and the amount of cream cheese spread was perfect. The waffle carried all these wonderful ingredients masterfully with a golden brown crisp taste at every bite. All of this comes at a price tag of $7.95, not too shabby for the O.C. right?

There are many other options for the regular sandwich categories such as pastrami or chicken, but for those with a sweet tooth you might also want to try Bruxie's sweeter sandwiches. I believe everyone I've influenced to go to Bruxie's has taken my Seasonal Fruit Creme Brulee recommendation with much appreciation. The Bruxie Creme Brulee Sandwich is absolutely delicious whether you were a creme brulee fan to start with or not. The sandwich is filled with creme brulee and fresh strawberries, all lightly topped with powdered sugar. This all comes to a grand total of $6.50.

If you're not into smoked salmon or creme brulee, don't worry because Bruxie's offers a wide selection of different tastes you're sure to fall in love with. Additionally, there are different specials everyday and seasonal sandwiches as well!

Now I don't like to overhype these trending food places because that's just not me, but I've been convincing a whole bunch of people to go their recently and they've been coming back to satisfy their Bruxie cravings. I know Bruxies didn't invent the "what can we do with a waffle" trend but (almost like Apple), they definitely reinvented the way I think of waffles.

Yum, just thinking about Bruxie's again makes me want to go buy one right now...


Prosciutto & Gruyere Smoked Salmon w/Dill Cream Cheese
Seasonal Fruit Creme Brulee

Visit www.bruxie.com for the online menu! Locations in Brea & Orange :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Being from Irvine everyone knows that when the clocks strikes 9pm practically all food stores that are worth eating are shutting its doors. But not Tokyo Table, this little fusion Japanese food haven stays open Mon-Thu, Sun 11:30 am - 11 pm & Mon-Thu, Sun 11:30 am - 11 pm. Needless to say these late hours means that they have some bomb ass happy hour, but that will be for another post ! Why I'm writing today is to applaud Tokyo Table for combining my two loves PIZZA and SUSHI into ONE. Yes, ladies and gentlemen you read correctly a SUSHI PIZZA!!

The sushi pizza is an ingenious idea created by the chefs at Tokyo Table. They have a seaweed platform (the counterpart of a pizza dough/crust), followed by a generous layer of rice (analogous to the usual tomato sauce), and last but not least a heaping amount of toppings made of salmon sashimi and jalapeƱo, topped off with drizzles of dynamite and eel sauce. All of this for the price of around $9.95. The size is as big as a typical specialty roll that you would order at a sushi restaurant, but unrolled so it is flat like a pizza and cut into about 16 individuals squares. The squares are a little bit small, but for the price and quality it is worth every penny.

Your mouth watering yet???

In addition to the SUSHI PIZZA, Tokyo Table also offers a SASHIMI PIZZA for all you sashimi lovers out there. The sashimi pizza has the same set up and everything is identical to the sushi pizza but they replace the jalapeƱos with Tuna sashimi. The price is a bit pricy for the sashimi pizza (at $14.95) but if you love that sashimi like I do go for it. (Note: the Sashimi Pizza is not on the menu, but all you have to do is ask your server if they are able to make it that night.)

mMm just typing up this post makes my mouth salivate. Well cheers until next time and don't forget foood is goood, always! :)

Much Love,

The Sushi Pizza
The Sushi Pizza (Hungry yet?)
Sashimi Pizza ( cus i'm STARVING)

Info you might like to know about Tokyo Table:
Diamond Jamboree Shopping Ctr
2710 Alton Pkwy

IrvineCA 92606(949) 263-0000


About Sushi Pizza via @FooodisGoood

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM & Green Velvet!

Yesterday I had a job interview in the Santa Monica area so I decided to stop by the Beverly Hills Sprinkles. After seeing many posts online about the 24 hour "Cupcake ATM," I thought why not go see it for myself?

The ATM has just opened last Friday March 2. At the time of my visit it was day 5 of business. The Cupcake ATM is basically a vending machine for Sprinkles cupcakes and other Sprinkles products. I guess if you live around the area and are desperately craving a gourmet cupcake, the 24 hour machine will satisfy your uncanny cupcake addiction.

Though entirely automatic, the ATM still has a Sprinkles staff member in front to make sure things run smoothly. I guess it's also for impatient customers like me who need someone to guide them through the new machine.

Sprinkles still promises freshly baked cupcakes even through the 24 hr machine, what a relief. Honestly the ATM machine line was going faster than the in-store one, so hopefully those infamously long lines in front of Sprinkles will diminish.

A couple minor things to note about ordering from the ATM is that you can only order one cupcake at a time, they charge you $4.00 (instead of the regular $3.50/cupcake), and they give you the specialty box for each individual cupcake.

Of course you're probably asking, what did I order? (Even if you don't care, well too bad!) I chose the special flavor of the month: St. Patrick's Day Irish Chocolate cupcake (available March 2-18).

Sprinkles uses Belgian dark chocolate cake topped with a Baileys Irish cream cheese frosting. Your salivary glands must be tingling right now, so I'll include a photo taken from my Blackberry to add to your senses:
St. Patrick's Day Irish Chocolate

You can virtually watch the dispensing process!
Being a flashy tourist/crazy fan girl :)

By the way, on St. Patrick's Day (March 17) Sprinkles will be offering the "Green Velvet" for one day only. The classic Red Velvet will transform to the notorious green shade!

Now I'm just waiting for the Sprinkles Ice Cream shop to open next door! And maybe an ice cream ATM machine too :)


 Check out www.sprinkles.com or follow @sprinklesbh for updates.

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Tweet About Cupcake ATM via @FooodisGoood

Sprinkles Cupcakes on Urbanspoon


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