Friday, June 14, 2013

What does a rattlesnake, rabbit, crocodile, and pheasant have in common?

Roughly a year ago I started this blog one day while I was daydreaming about food during a college lecture. It was a rash decision but I bought this domain name and had my blog running...for a month. Three posts and a thousand of views later I kind of put this project on the back burner.

However, the upcoming weekend marks a year after my college graduation, so what better way to commemorate this by reviving the Foood is Goood blog! From time to time I will have guest bloggers to join in on the festivities as well. Hopefully this site will bring you good food to eat in the LA/OC area.

To kick off the relaunch of this blog, I'll start off simple. Now, I love 7-Eleven hot dogs and if you've never had one from there then don't judge me. I am a big hot dog fan and I consider it to be the best- worst meal ever. But I'm not going to waste anymore of your time talking about that because you're probably thinking, "Okay why is she making me read her blog about $1 hot dogs I can find at every corner." So let's move on...

What does a rattlesnake, rabbit, crocodile, and pheasant have in common?

1.) They all can be found in the zoo.
2.) Oh, and you can find them in the middle of your buns at Wurstküche.

Wurstküche is a trendy joint operating in Downtown LA and Venice Beach. There tagline claims the place to be "a purveyor of exotic grilled sausages." Extra emphasis on the "exotic" please! Just read the exotic menu details yourself because here at Foood is Goood, we don't just spoon feed you our experiences (that's what Yelp is for), we're here to just tell you that FOOD SHOULD BE GOOD!

Seriously though don't be afraid to try the outlandish sausages Wurstküche offers. The flavors really come together in such a way that you will almost forget that you're kind of (borderline) eating roadkill. But hey live a little okay? You're 22! (Or within 5 yrs of that.)

My favorite was the rattlesnake & rabbit, and the one on top is the buffalo:
(This photo was taken with the Foto R Us app)

FYI: Apparently in February a truck crashed into the Venice location, I don't know why thats relevant but it is.

Well, please follow @fooodisgoood on Instagram/Twitter if you want to motivate me to continue this blog for longer than a month! I need inspiration, thanks :)


Check it out:
Twitter: @wurstkuche

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