Thursday, June 26, 2014

[DAY 3] Fancy Popsicles #20DAYSofICECREAM

#Day3ofIcecream reintroduces to you a summertime favorite with an added twist. Popsicles just got a whole new makeover at The Ice Bar...


Korean Pear Blueberry, Arnold Palmer, Strawberry Lemonade, Korean Pear Blueberry.

All the ice pops are decorated by hand with toppings ranging from fresh fruit, flavored gels, nuts and even herbs. Yes indeed, herbs like mint and basil are used as garnishes on the ice pops! The Mango Strawberry must be the most popular because I wanted to pick that one but they ran out. I resorted to the Korean Pear Blueberry which had the same taste and texture of an actual pear. The popsicle itself was filled with blueberries and the bottom half of the popsicle was blueberry flavored as well. Halfway into devouring my ice pop, I remembered my dislike for pears so I kind of stopped eating it at that point.

On to other flavors for me! The Strawberry Lemonade was refreshing with a good balance of tangy and sweet. The house special offers pop rocks as a topping which is awesome because I love pop rocks and never would have thought to add it on popsicles. Lastly, the Arnold Palmer is new on the menu! For you tea+lemonade lovers out there, this is the pop for you!

The Ice Bar also serves ice cream, soda floats, and boba drinks. After having all those pops, I wanted to move on to try the ice cream, too. That minty colored dessert pictured on the right is actually Pistachio ice cream. Let me tell you I was quite surprised with the quality of ice cream. I enjoyed the Pistachio pieces in every other bite, while the sweetness of the ice cream was leveled out just enough. The ice pops are definitely sweeter than the ice cream, but I guess that's how it supposed to be.

This Sunday is The Ice Bar's 1st year anniversary. Two new flavors are being released, Vietnamese Coffee and Peaches and Cream. The first 50 people who come in will be gifted with the new coffee pops! So if you need Sunday Funday this weekend, you know where to go!

My Proof of #Selfie / #Wefie
(From left: Me, Guy who coined "Fancy Popsicles",
Girl who got the same flavor as me,
Guy who is an airplane pilot)

For more info: 
The Ice Bar
550 S Glendora Ave 
West Covina, CA 91790

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

[DAY 2] Two Scoops. Two Dollars. TWOsday. #20DAYSofICECREAM

I was looking for ice cream shops around my workplace, when I came upon this hole in the wall. Grandma Pucci's Homemade Ice Cream recently opened in March of this year. In addition to ice cream, Pucci's also serves a variety of gelato, sherbet, and frozen yogurt.

They have great specials every day including a Milkshake Monday. Today, the place was packed with patrons who were taking advantage of the two scoops for $2 deal. I normally don't like anything banana flavored, but the Banana Graham was the first item on the menu so obviously it had to be a must try. The banana was subtle and the little graham bits helped buffer the otherwise peculiar taste of banana ice cream. For my second scoop, I thought the best match would be the Blueberry Cobbler. It tasted just like a blueberry pie, but with the right amount of sweetness. The two flavors kind of became interchangeable, so next time I think I would try something more drastic like Canoli Cream! Nonetheless, the handmade ice cream let's your taste buds take a blast to the past. The old fashioned creamy texture is replicated in Grandma Pucci's ice cream, made the good old fashioned way.

My 2 scoops! #DAY2ofICECREAM
Listed below are the signature flavors:

  • Banana Graham
  • Blueberry Cobbler
  • Butterscotch Praline Crunch
  • Caramel Macchiato
  • Candy Blitz
  • Gorillas in the Mist
  • Graham Cracker Crunch
  • Mint Chip
  • Pistachio
  • Canoli Cream

Move over #tacotuesday, it's all about #twoscooptuesday!!! (Although I'm still going to grub on some taco specials tonight).

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For more info: 
Grandma Pucci's Ice Cream
3926 Grand Ave Ste E 
Chino Hills, CA 91710

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Monday, June 23, 2014

[DAY 1] Snow in the Summer #20DAYSofICECREAM

If you haven't heard yet, I'm going to be on an ice cream rampage for 20 days. I decided to stay close to home for my first day of the challenge. The shaved ice trend was popular a few years back, but now it's all about the smoother texture of having snow melt in your mouth. Class 302 is an eatery designed like a classroom, complete with chalkboard walls and desks to eat off of. Serving authentic Taiwanese dishes, snacks and drinks, Class 302 boasts the shining star of the menu is the shaved snow ice.

The snow dessert is basically ice cream sheered and shaved to snow perfection. Here are the flavors I tried:

  • Honey Boba - If you've ever had the iced milk drink at Half and Half, this is exactly what is tastes like. Boba and pudding on the side. 
  • Mango - My favorite by far! The mango essence is refreshing to the taste buds. Real mango pieces and cotton-ball sized mochi. 
  • Green Tea - If you like green tea, you will like this. Personally, the flavor isn't as strong for me because I really enjoy the stronger matcha taste which this one lacks. You can add red bean and mochi toppings to make it a satisfying combo. 

#Selfie to prove I was here!

Where should I go for #DAY2 ? 


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Friday, June 20, 2014


Between the warm breeze and nostalgia of summer break, a myriad of floral patterns have proliferated through this season's wardrobe decisions. Amidst ever changing fashion trends, you can count on one aspect of summer to stay constant...frozen treats! My ears will tingle whenever I hear the little bell ringing on an old school ice cream cart. Remember those Pink Panther shaped popsicle sticks with melting bubble gum eyes? Well, today's ice cream innovations have advanced at the pace of the newest iPhones...and that's putting it lightly considering Apple updates only two measly functions each model.

Alas, the first official day of summer begins this Saturday! As homage to the long gone days of a "carefree summer," I will be taking on a challenge to try 20 different ice cream hot spots in the course of 20 days. (For my own health and safety, I may take small breaks between some days). So bare with me as I go scream for ice cream.

Of course, ice cream is only fun when you share the experience with another. Whenever you snap a shot of your frozen treats this summer, I kindly ask you to add the hashtag #fooodisgoood #20daysofICECREAM to your posts.

Let's ALL scream for ice cream.

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