Monday, June 23, 2014

[DAY 1] Snow in the Summer #20DAYSofICECREAM

If you haven't heard yet, I'm going to be on an ice cream rampage for 20 days. I decided to stay close to home for my first day of the challenge. The shaved ice trend was popular a few years back, but now it's all about the smoother texture of having snow melt in your mouth. Class 302 is an eatery designed like a classroom, complete with chalkboard walls and desks to eat off of. Serving authentic Taiwanese dishes, snacks and drinks, Class 302 boasts the shining star of the menu is the shaved snow ice.

The snow dessert is basically ice cream sheered and shaved to snow perfection. Here are the flavors I tried:

  • Honey Boba - If you've ever had the iced milk drink at Half and Half, this is exactly what is tastes like. Boba and pudding on the side. 
  • Mango - My favorite by far! The mango essence is refreshing to the taste buds. Real mango pieces and cotton-ball sized mochi. 
  • Green Tea - If you like green tea, you will like this. Personally, the flavor isn't as strong for me because I really enjoy the stronger matcha taste which this one lacks. You can add red bean and mochi toppings to make it a satisfying combo. 

#Selfie to prove I was here!

Where should I go for #DAY2 ? 


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