Friday, June 20, 2014


Between the warm breeze and nostalgia of summer break, a myriad of floral patterns have proliferated through this season's wardrobe decisions. Amidst ever changing fashion trends, you can count on one aspect of summer to stay constant...frozen treats! My ears will tingle whenever I hear the little bell ringing on an old school ice cream cart. Remember those Pink Panther shaped popsicle sticks with melting bubble gum eyes? Well, today's ice cream innovations have advanced at the pace of the newest iPhones...and that's putting it lightly considering Apple updates only two measly functions each model.

Alas, the first official day of summer begins this Saturday! As homage to the long gone days of a "carefree summer," I will be taking on a challenge to try 20 different ice cream hot spots in the course of 20 days. (For my own health and safety, I may take small breaks between some days). So bare with me as I go scream for ice cream.

Of course, ice cream is only fun when you share the experience with another. Whenever you snap a shot of your frozen treats this summer, I kindly ask you to add the hashtag #fooodisgoood #20daysofICECREAM to your posts.

Let's ALL scream for ice cream.

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