Friday, July 25, 2014

[Day 11] With A Honeycomb On Top #20DaysofICECREAM

I was a bit lost walking around in this plaza off LA's most congested main streets, Wilshire Boulevard, so I had to text a K-Town native friend to confirm I was in the right place.
FIG Tip: Ask for directions!
As I looked up from my phone, I see a buzzing little bee float in front of me. Yup, it's gotta be somewhere around here. Follow the march of the bumble bees!
My nails match my desert #winning
What is that on top you ask? Well, I can assure you this ain't no cherry on top sundae... 
"Pure Honeycomb"
HoneyMee is an ice cream shop that offers milk ice cream with a swirl of honey and a honeycomb on top. Now, I don't really care for honey that much, but I couldn't get enough of this pairing! The "True Milk" ice cream is HoneyMee's pride and joy, and with great reason so, because it really tastes like the milkiest milk served as a frozen treat. Apparently the milk is produced from a family owned, Kosher dairy factory in California. If you're a bit skeptical about the honeycomb topper, you can choose not to order one but, of course, that wouldn't be a very cool Instagram pic now would it? Just get the 100% pure honeycomb, it's kind of the main attraction.
FIG Tip: Check-in on Yelp to get $0.50 off

HELP! The bees keep coming near my ice cream!

3377 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010

**CAUTION: When eating at HoneyMee, be aware of all the bees hanging out there. They really have a thing for the honeycomb on top. 

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