Monday, July 14, 2014

[Day 9] Gelatissimo #20DaysofICECREAM

Gelato is starting to give me the impression it is actually "designer ice cream." For one thing, many of these gelato shops are all structured like high end boutiques. Don't even get me started on the overblown price tags that goes with a small serving size. However, I still enjoy gelato because it comes in a more eclectic array of unique flavor creations.

"Gelatissimo" is owned by an Italian family. Just like Italian leather shoes are of high quality, I feel Italian owned places can boast such authenticity with Italian products such as the gelato.


...Absolutely heavenly! Swirled in the white chocolate Nutella are bits of chocolate with crisped rice, which are sure to make your taste buds jump up and down. What can be better than the chocolatey taste complimented with strawberry gelato to wash down that cocoa breath.

I also recommend the Roasted Almond and Pistachio as a combination! The two creamier flavors envelope each other very well.

For fruit lovers, check out peach and wild berries. Other exclusive flavors include Fig, Basil, and Tiramisu.

There's also a good selection of Italian desserts to check out!

Peach & Wildberries

For Whip Cream connoisseurs, ask for this free extra!

Trying to smile with gelato in the back

(In the 85 Degree Bakery Plaza)
2682 E Garvey Ave S
West Covina, CA 91791

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