Tuesday, August 12, 2014

[Day 13] The Exotic Flavors of Mashti Malone #20DaysofICECREAM

No preservatives
No eggs
No refined sugar
No corn syrup
No trans fat
No artificial flavor
No artificial color...

...That's a lot of no's. 

Don't be fooled, though, because Mashti Malone ice cream is jam packed full of zest. Check out their selection of wildly aromatic based ice cream flavors:
Menu taken from Mashti Malone
Just to let you know, LA has some of the best ice cream shops, but the search for parking is an absolute nightmare and journey in itself. However, for being about a block away from the heart of Hollywood, Mashti Malone offers a free parking lot. Another plus in my book.
Rosewater Saffron w/Pistachios on a "Malone"
Herbal Snow & Mango
The rosewater saffron is probably Mashti's most popular flavor. Although the sound of saffron may scare you, it is actually pretty tame compared to the other stuff. My personal favorite was the herbal snow. Now that has a freaky frangrance flavor, but I just really liked it. There are a couple other off menu flavors as well such as the lavender which actually wasn't too strong in fragrance. Order your ice cream on top of a mashti or malone. A mashti is made out of waffle cone. The malone is some kind of super fried and glazed dough. Warning: The malone is intensely sweet. Think of an overly cooked doughnut/churro soaked in sweetness.

Mr. Mashti Malone (that's not actually the owner's name but humor me) walked my ice cream eating team out of the shop and even chatted with us about his ice cream ventures. Apparently a new Mashti Malone will soon be opening up in Glendale. You can also find Mashti Malone products sold in Whole Foods Markets.


Mashti Malone's Ice Cream
1525 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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