Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This Is Going To Revolutionize My Coffee Weakness

Yes, I've got a long list of Starbucks lovers! Cue "Blank Space" by the Swizz.

When I am traveling, I try out the local coffee houses. However, when in LA you can't help but be bombarded with rounded forest green logos roaming the streets. Plus, for the amount I drink, regular coffee at Starbucks is pretty cost effective.

On the real though, this is going to change everything... Starbucks Mobile Orders! Whip out your beloved iPhone and place an order on the Starbucks mobile app. VoilĂ ! Your one pump sweetener-light ice-whole milk Iced Coffee is ready at the bar of your Starbucks location of choice.

My only question...why did they take so long to finally roll this out? Oh and be on the watch for wireless smartphone charging that is trickling into a few locations.


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