Thursday, September 10, 2015

[THE DREAM] Crescendo Ice Cream

If you think that my love for ice cream sprouted overnight, look back into my earlier posts in which I partook in my own #20DaysOfIceCream Challenge last summer. Now with my good friends, Billy and Bernard, we are bringing into fruition the toils of our weekly brainstorm meetings for the past year.

I'm fascinated with ice cream, intermediately passionate about business, and extremely obsessed with music. It only made sense to join this food + business + music loving team!

Billy, Bernard, and I have worked on creative projects in the past for our church, so we already had that team dynamic established from the get go. Billy approached us to start our own business venture, as all USC Marshall Business School students are all about that entrepreneur life. (Meanwhile in my college, we took great pride in selling the most Boba on campus...*Anteaters assemble on ring road*) But I digress.

Billy wanted to sell the ice cream bread found in Singaporean street vendor carts. In the abundance of cultural foods in LA, I loved that this was untapped territory. Sandwiching ice cream in bread is how my family eats ice cream, so it's funny when people think this concept is unusual because to me it is a normal dessert at home. By the way, since when did we consider "cookies" to be sandwich material? A true ice cream sandwich, if you think about it, is actually our ice cream bread product!

I was sold on Billy's idea the moment he brought it up, however, I thought we needed to do add that extra pizzazz as Americans love to take ideas and embellish them to make it more "Americuhn." I enjoy claiming to be a "professional happy maker," so that's kind of my part in the creation process of Crescendo.

What's fun, exciting, and makes you happy? Clouds of smoke seem to generate commotion among the crowds. Aha, liquid nitrogen! 

Imagine us three sit around our kitchens tinkering with ice cream. Now imagine our parents just thinking we should really get out of the house and do normal 20 year old activities. (I'm just kidding...our parents have always been super supportive!) So at this point we just had to develop new, unique flavors.

The culinary mind of the group would be Bernard; he's the one who concocted the recipes and sealed the final flavors. Splashes of our exotic tea blend include dragon fruit, passion tea, with little bits of strawberry & apple.

Our ice cream sandwiches are served in modern simplicity with a thoughtful vision. You can discover an Indie musical artist right in the palm of your hands as our cups display names of artists we have partnered with and proudly support. Our whimsical flavors are coined with musical themed names which include BABY GRANILLA, COCOA-COUSTIC, CHA CHA MATCHA, COOKIE CAJÓN, & BAILEYS BASS. After all, we're all about "harmonizing sweet tastes."

The LAUNCH: 626 Night Market
The 626 Night Market is held three times in the summer with 80,000-100,000 guests attending each weekend. You only need to understand so much math to deduce that this means big business exposure for newbies like us. The collaboration of our efforts resulted in the liquid nitrogen infused ice cream with exotic tea blend. Sure enough, children, teens, and adults were equally fascinated by the clouds of liquid nitrogen infused during the ice cream making process.

Thank you to all those who supported throughout this summer. To all the family, friends, and new friends - we are so blessed by the love we experienced from this venture.

To our new vendor friends -- watch out because I'm inspired to write special posts on ya'll!

P.S. If you want to have the COOLEST party, book our catering services for your next event!