Friday, November 13, 2015

The Limited Edition IndoMie Burrito

I don't really enjoy eating Indonesian food while dining out (because it's simple food I find at home), but this fusion joint was actually pretty worthwhile. Besides the IndoMie burrito, I tried the gourmet tacos that's propelled Komodo food truck into two brick & mortar locations. The MP3 taco stood out because it comes with seasoned top sirloin steak, good old fashioned toasty tater tots, and a fried quail sunny side up egg on top. That is a true Indonesian American fusion taco right there! Various tacos that also paid homage to Indonesian cuisine included the "Java" (pork Rendang) and the "Soi" (tempeh and tofu). Other notable tacos that alluded to different cultures included the "Burgerrito" (a deconstructed burger), the "Moco" (Hawaiian loco moco), the "blazin' Shrimp (Singaporean style spicy shrimp), and the "BMC" aka banh-mi-chicken (essentially a Pho taco).

Komodo+MP3+Komodo+Asian Marinated Chicken

For the IndoMie fanatics out there, you haven't really tried IndoMie in all its glory until you've eaten from a homey little bowl on the streets of front of a cart...cooked out of the same pot as the previous patron...the noodles boiled while still immersed within the original wrapper...throw in aand voila - IndoMie a la street style. THE BEST THING EVER...but not sure how it would measure up to any health code here in the land of the free.

For all those others stuck in LA, we now have our own IndoMie symbol that Indonesian mouths can be jealous of. Chef Erwin Tjahyadi (creator of Komodo Asian Fusion Restaurant & Food Trucks) is the brilliant man who came up with the wonderful IndoMie Burrito. Successfully colliding the heart of Los Angeles (a burrito) with Indonesia's guilty pleasure (an infamous instant ramen) deserves a huge round of applause.

IndoMie is one of Indonesia's best exports (source: myself). "Mie" simply means noodles in Bahasa Indonesia. Most instant ramen are only served in a soup form, but IndoMie is even more delicious as a dry noodle...more points to IndoMie. Oh, on a side note, IndoMie has been voted #1 and #2 best instant noodles in the world. The IndoMie Burrito is created with dry IndoMie noodles, a pinch of egg green onions and fried shallots, Chinese sausage cubes, and the traditional Indonesian fried egg..all served in a gluten-free flour tortilla. 

At one point, I caught myself eating the IndoMie with a fork out of the burrito. Okay, IndoMie is always really good even when you make it at your college apartment, but imagine an actual trained chef cooking it with that gourmet touch of extra deliciousness sprinkled on. You only have until this Sunday to try it out the IndoMie Burrito, so hurry your horses. Here's to hoping they can add this to their main menu, but I guess it wouldn't be as fun.

More ingenious ideas:
The restaurant's ceiling is decorated with hanging french fries container trays.

8809 West Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035

235 Main St
Venice, CA 90291

*The IndoMie Burrito only available until November 15th (who wants to start a petition?)

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