Thursday, May 4, 2017

7 Boomerangs of My Experience @ The Museum of Ice Cream

1. "We're taking a boomerang, hurry up!"

2. Swinging around with your designated photo partner.

3. Coordinating outfits with your squad.

4. Going bananas with the friend who drives you bananas.

5. Freaking out because of the 2-minute time limit in the glorious Sprinkle Pool. 

6. My in-depth commentary on the exhibit: 

The ice cream industry can be a duplicitous jungle (ref to split pink & yellow walls), relying on aesthetics to provide Instagram-able experiences for the basic consumer and self-proclaimed foodie connoisseurs. #bananasplit

7. Admitting defeat, but just enjoying your Neapolitan ice cream sandwich swing in the last room. 

GIFs taken at Museum of Ice Cream at the Arts District in Los Angeles. Additional tickets will be released Fri, May 12th at 9 AM PST. Visit for more info:

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